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AMPAAlpha-Amino-3-Hydroxy-5-Methyl-4-Isoxazole Propionic Acid
AMPAA-Amino-3-Hydroxy-5-Methyl-4-Isoxazolepropionic Acid
AMPAAgricultural Marketing Programs Act (Canada)
AMPAAmerican Medical Publishers Association
AMPAAlberta Magazine Publishers Association
AMPAAccident and Medical Practitioners Association (New Zealand)
AMPAAlbuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area
AMPAAdvanced Mission Planning Aid
AMPAAssociation for Merchandise Planning and Allocation
AMPAAssociate of the Master Photographers Association
AMPAAlberta Mohair Producers Association
AMPAAdaptive Multibeam Phased Array
AMPAAutomated & Mechanical Parking Association
AMPAAdvanced Parallel Multimedia Accelerator
AMPAAsociación de Madres y Padres de Alumnes
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President-elect of AMPA is Meg White, of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, publisher of, among other publications, about 18 newsletters for the medial industry.
This patent contains broad claims for all drugs that enhance the effect of AMPA receptors for use in treating depression," stated Vincent F.
In fact, he notes, ODAP can so over-stimulate the AMPA receptors that nerve cells can "experience exhaustion and, ultimately, death.
The researchers propose how GLYX-13 works: GLYX-13 triggers NR2B receptor activation that leads to intracellular calcium influx and the expression of AMPA, which then is responsible for increased communication between neurons.
Responsible for all technical, safety and flight standards, along with instructing in simulators, the newest members of AMPA/SPEEA currently work mainly in Renton, Washington, and like existing AMPA members, their work includes training the pilots of airline customers on Boeing aircraft, including the 787.
Perampanel is a completely new option for the management of partial onset epilepsy as it is the first AED to exhibit clinical efficacy against partial-onset seizures by selectively (non-competitively) blocking AMPA receptor-mediated excitatory neurotransmission.
With epileptic seizures being primarily mediated by the neurotransmitter glutamate, the agent is a highly selective, noncompetitive AMPA receptor antagonist that reduces neuronal hyperexcitation associated with seizures by targeting glutamate activity at postsynaptic AMPA receptors.
Perampanel is a highly selective, non-competitive AMPA (alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid)-type glutamate receptor antagonist that has demonstrated seizure reduction in Phase II and III studies.
Fycompa is an antiepileptic drug that reduces neuronal hyperexcitation associated with seizures by targeting glutamate activity at postsynaptic AMPA receptors.
Launched in London in 2013 under the direction of the London Business Conferences Group, AMPA is the foremost meeting of the minds in areas of 3D printing and additive manufacturing for industrial applications.
The most important of these ionotropic receptors are the NMDA (n-methyl-daspartate) and AMPA (a-amino-3-hydroxy5-methylisoxazole-4-propionic acid) receptors.
The 28th Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories Show (Taipei AMPA 2012) and the seventh International Automobile Electronics Show (AutoTronics Taipei) were held jointly at the Nangang Exhibition Hall and at TWTC Hall 1 (Area A) from April 11-14.