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AMPACAdvanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center
AMPACAmerican Medical Political Action Committee (Washington, DC)
AMPACAustralian Muslim Public Affairs Committee
AMPACAlternative Medicine Program Advisory Council (US NIH)
AMPACAssociation of Mexican Planetariums
AMPACAmerican Motorcyclist Association Political Action Committee
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Recognized for its successful resource management and waste minimization efforts, AMPAC Specialty Chemicals has successfully implemented two processes that reduced their impact on the earth, air, and water by 25%.
AMPAC (American Medical Association PAC) Candidate Workshop, February 16-18, 2007, in Arlington, Virg.
AMPAC is a private equity firm with interests in real estate, food processing, publishing, hospitality, health, entertainment and manufacturing.
AMPAC president Larry Polhill was named chairman of Photocircuits.
Yet not a month later, AMPAC contributed thousands to help pro-tobacco Senators Kit Bond from Missouri and Sam Brownback from Kansas beat back Democratic challengers.
We congratulate AMPAC Fine Chemicals and its employees on these achievements and we encourage them to continue these efforts through the ChemStewards[sup.
Several states petitioned AMPAC to waive its rules this year and support President Bush, who favors several pro-physician positions, most notably caps on noneconomic damages to reform the medical liability system.
AMPAC also assists in securing your membership directory online and allowing your members to update their profile information.
By processing credit-card payments online, AMPAC promptly receives authorizations, settles cash flaw with your bank, confirms payments, and updates your registrant's record in one easy step.
AMPAC is an interdisciplinary research and education center for materials science and engineering, established in 1998.
Founded in 2005, AMPAC Group is a development company headquartered in Columbia, Md.
E5 Systems announced today that Morant Information Systems, a leader in Association software services, has signed a strategic partnership to develop the next generation of their flagship Association management software solution, AMPAC.