AMPBAmphotericin B
AMPBAssociation of Micro-Power Broadcasters (Berkeley, CA)
AMPBAdvanced Materials and Processing Branch (US NASA)
AMPBAliansi Mahasiswa Peduli Bangsa (Indonesian: Concern for the Nation Student Alliance)
AMPBAmerican Pacific Bank B (stock symbol)
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AMPB scores were elevated in comparison with AMP scores within all groups (p < 0.
Abbreviations: 6MWT = 6-minute walk test, AIS = Abbreviated Injury Scale, AMP = Amputee Mobility Predictor, AMPB = AMP-Bilateral, ANOVA = analysis of variance, BLLA = bilateral lower-limb amputation, BTFA = bilateral transfemoral amputation, BTTA = bilateral transtibial amputation, IRB = Institutional Review Board, NISS = New Injury Severity Score, SF-36 = 36-Item Short Form Health Survey, SM = servicemember, TTA/TFA = combination transtibial/transfemoral amputation, WRAMC = Walter Reed Army Medical Center.