AMPBAmphotericin B
AMPBAssociation of Micro-Power Broadcasters (Berkeley, CA)
AMPBAdvanced Materials and Processing Branch (US NASA)
AMPBAliansi Mahasiswa Peduli Bangsa (Indonesian: Concern for the Nation Student Alliance)
AMPBAmerican Pacific Bank B (stock symbol)
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Moritz RD, Lago PM, Souza RP, Silva NB, Meneses FA, Othero JCB, Machado FO, Pivas JP, Dias MDA, Verdeal JCRV, Rocha E, Viana RAPP, Magalhaes AMPB, Azeredo N.
AMPB scores were elevated in comparison with AMP scores within all groups (p < 0.
Abbreviations: 6MWT = 6-minute walk test, AIS = Abbreviated Injury Scale, AMP = Amputee Mobility Predictor, AMPB = AMP-Bilateral, ANOVA = analysis of variance, BLLA = bilateral lower-limb amputation, BTFA = bilateral transfemoral amputation, BTTA = bilateral transtibial amputation, IRB = Institutional Review Board, NISS = New Injury Severity Score, SF-36 = 36-Item Short Form Health Survey, SM = servicemember, TTA/TFA = combination transtibial/transfemoral amputation, WRAMC = Walter Reed Army Medical Center.