AMPHAcute Massive Pulmonary Hemorrhage (microbiology)
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The mean values of integral procedural decomposition temperature (IPDT) for MPH and AMPH were found to be 338 C and 346 C, respectively.
201] revealed that subcutaneous injections of AMPH in rats significantly increased [alpha]-Synuclein levels in the SNc, nucleus accumbens, striatum, and prefrontal cortex.
Understanding AMPH in the Caribbean requires moving beyond focusing solely on adolescents and their behaviors.
For example, the highest AMPH for seed yield was observed from parents with low MPV, while the second highest from parents with average MPV.
Results: DAT phosphorylation was increased in cells and in striatal tissue by the application of DA, METH and/or AMPH.
Chief Executive Officer Richard Burrell said, "Our small scale biomass boiler business is doing well and we have a strong pipeline of installations generating development fees for AMPH.