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AMPOLAmerican Politics (Journal)
AMPOLAustralian Motorists' Petrol Company (Petrol brand owned by Caltex)
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Ampol, which was set up in 2013 to source crude oil and refined products for Caltex, took charge of sourcing all crude, feedstock and product imports into Australia during the first half of 2015, Caltex said.
The level of activity in Ampol has increased significantly following the closure of Kurnell (refinery) in late 2014, the introduction of crude and feedstock sourcing activity from the start of 2015 and the commencement of the previously announced BP supply deal late in the half," Caltex said in an earnings report.
Pollard, Jack 1968 The Ampol Book of Australian Sporting Records, The Pollard Publishing Co.
Ampol said growth this year will likely to be driven by both private and public investments, especially in mega-projects such as subway expansion, the new airport and reconstruction in the tsunami-affected provinces.
QAD is proud that QAD Enterprise Applications is used among leading Thailand-based manufactured product companies, including Auto Alliance Thailand, NHK Spring, NOK Precision Component, Ampol Food Processing, and Thai Vegetable Oil.
Hons), MPESA, Managing Director has over 25 years experience in petroleum and mineral exploration and has worked in a consulting or subcontracting role for Esso, Wapet, Pancontinental Petroleum, Santos, Western Mining Corporation, Bridge Oil, Ampol, Kuwaiti Foreign Petroleum Corporation (IEDC subsidiary), Arco and Chevron-Texaco.
AMPOL is currently contracted for the response to the oil spill.
Total quantity or scope: 7310 AMPOL, 32,970 tablets, 106,933 cans, 1,085 units, 123.
a $15 million, three-year outsourcing pact with Ampol, the leading petroleum company in Australia, to manage its mainframe systems and help desk.
Total quantity or scope: AMPOL 69,800, 43,980 tablets, 106,583 cans, 1,115 units in 130 packages, 123.
Blackburne was responsible for managing the very successful merger of Ampol and Caltex.
NYSE:CSC) Monday announced a three-year outsourcing pact with Ampol, a leading petroleum company based in Sydney, Australia.