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AMPTAdvances in Materials and Processing Technologies (conference)
AMPTAlpha-Methyl-Para-Tyrosine (neuropsychiatry)
AMPTASWC (Anti-Submarine Warfare Commander/Coordinator) Mission Planning Tool
AMPTA Multi-Phase Transport Model (nuclear physics)
AMPTActive Mouse Protection Test (immunization)
AMPTActive Motion Physiotherapy (Canada)
AMPTAhli Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi (Malay: Supreme Council Chairman)
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It is expected that the AMPT 2008 conference will create a stimulating environment for research collaboration with other scholars on a local, national and international level, contributing to the collective development of a knowledge-based society and economy in Bahrain," he added.
The agreement also allows for consolidation of container operations in the AMPT and Norfolk facilities, allowing Portsmouth to be dedicated to breakbulk and other cargos.
Heineken AMPT Music Series by spotlighting deserving R&B songwriters for special recognition.
3] Surface pre-treatment Polymer matrix N Untreated NS, NS2, NS4 Sodium Stearate PVAc PU AMPTS SAN/EPDM NSi PU Composite ([PHI.