AMQPAdvanced Message Queuing Protocol
AMQPAircraft Maintenance Qualification Program (US Air Force)
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The AMQP specification distinguishes a transport model and a queuing model [17].
The primary goal of AMQP is to enable the communications necessary for business processes.
0 includes a middleware level where it is used in OPC UA, IoT@Work uses the AMQP middleware system, and ISA100.
AMQP is a wire-level messaging protocol that offers organizations an efficient, reliable approach to passing real-time data and business transactions with confidence.
This new functionality is available via a non-discriminatory, low latency access using a Messaging Interface based on the internationally established AMQP standard.
By leveraging the Apache Camel integration framework and its support for over 80 connectors, the OpenSplice Gateway is the best choice for integrating other messaging technologies such as JMS and AMQP, as well as for integrating with proprietary and Web Technologies such as W3C Web Services and RESTful Web Services.
We expect enormous growth in this sector and offer a robust messaging product in the form of SwiftMQ, which supports AMQP 1.
Axway, Bank of America, Deutsche Boerse, Goldman Sachs, INETCO, JPMorgan Chase, Kaazing, Microsoft, my-Channels, Red Hat, Software AG, VMware, Zenika and Others Move AMQP Forward Through Open Standards Process
com/store and offers licenses from 100 to 1,000 concurrent users in HTML5, JMS, XMPP and AMQP versions of the Kaazing Platform.
Vendor-neutral and platform-agnostic, AMQP is an open business standard for messaging that avoids proprietary technologies, offering the potential to lower the cost of enterprise middleware software integrations through open interoperability.
Enterprise MRG Messaging is based upon the advanced message queuing protocol, AMQP, a business messaging specification being developed by a working group of major vendors and end-user organizations2.