AMQPAdvanced Message Queuing Protocol
AMQPAircraft Maintenance Qualification Program (US Air Force)
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The primary goal of AMQP is to enable the communications necessary for business processes.
AMQP is capable of being used in both point-to-point and hub-and-spoke (broker-based) topologies.
IIT Software is an active supporter of the AMQP standard and I'm pleased with the implementation of AMQP 1.
A platform-agnostic solution for business messaging, AMQP provides organizations with an easier, more secure approach to passing real-time data streams and business transactions.
AMQP is an open Internet Protocol for a messaging infrastructure that provides a simple, powerful way to send messages within and between organizations.
The TMX-500 supports Tervela's Open Data Framework(TM) to ensure compatibility with existing applications and de facto standards such as JMS, as well as future solutions and emerging protocols like AMQP.
com/store and offers licenses from 100 to 1,000 concurrent users in HTML5, JMS, XMPP and AMQP versions of the Kaazing Platform.
Since its announcement just over a month ago, Tervela's Open Data Framework has spawned two innovative industry solutions in use at two major client sites - AMQP and now Volante Designer for Tervela," said Barry Thompson, founder and CEO of Tervela.
Vendor-neutral and platform-agnostic, AMQP is an open business standard for messaging that avoids proprietary technologies, offering the potential to lower the cost of enterprise middleware software integrations through open interoperability.
Scalable Platform Drives Interoperability across the Enterprise with AMQP Integration and Support for Open Standards, Applications and Protocols