AMR-NBAdaptive Multi-Rate - Narrow Band
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The solution also supports audio pass-through and various audio codecs, including conversion to AMR-NB and MPEG-1 LII.
With 3G-324M capability and support for the AMR-NB coder in addition to the existing SIP, telephony media and H.
Flexible multimedia framework including software codecs and support for DSP-based codecs -- Tight integration with TI's audio system -- Integrated with the TI AMR-NB/AAC-LC interfaces for simultaneous video and audio playback -- Integrated with the TI AMR-NB interface for audio encoding while video is being played back -- Fully optimized software-based codecs include: -- MPEG-4 Simple Profile/H.
SPIRIT GSM AMR-NB codec enables us to deliver Mobile Operators higher voice compression performances, while improving significantly the voice quality, a critical issue for Mobile Operators.