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AMR-WBAdaptive Multi-Rate Wideband
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It is the ideal codec for wideband speech applications across converging wireline/wireless networks as is reflected by the status of AMR-WB as the mandatory wideband codec in 3GPP wireless and TISPAN NGN system specifications.
A patent call will shortly be issued to invite companies who believe they have patents that are necessary to the practice of AMR-WB and G.
AMR-WB is the only wide-band codec standardized for both wireless and wire-line applications and hence is the natural choice for delivery of HD-voice calls over the converged fixed-mobile network.
While HD Voice offers significant benefits in terms of crisper, clearer conversations and better comprehension, users can only communicate in HD with other people who are on the same HD network or who are using the same HD Voice codec, such as 3G callers with AMR-WB.
Choose any song you like, without worrying about formats - the E6 supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, RA, WAV, MIDI, AMR-NB and AMR-WB - and enjoy your music through any of your favorite headsets - even wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones
Audio For Newsgathering: Working representatives from this elite, unique and occasionally dangerous branch of the audio world are encountering a constantly expanding universe of options for gathering and broadcasting news: From EV-DO to BGAN, AMR-WB to HE-AAC, CF to SDHC, this session will move beyond the acronyms to investigate current and emerging options for audio field recording and "backhaul.
All the above software modules run on the ZSP400 processor and corresponding reference silicon (including VSI403LP, VSI403US, VSI407LP, VSI407US) and include advanced voice technology, such as AMR-WB and AEC/WB.
In addition to superior voice quality, the interoperability between VMR-WB and AMR-WB standards is a significant leap toward global compatibility of multimedia services across various cellular and non-cellular networks.
The VMR-WB standard is not only fully compliant with the CDMA2000 rate-set II but is also interoperable with the AMR-WB standard selected by the 3GPP for use in GSM/WCDMA networks.
As a complete audio subsystem, the BAE incorporates a synthesiser, mixer, sample rate converter, linear audio player and support for MIDI, SP-MIDI, Mobile XMF, Mobile DLS, RMF, WAV, MP3, aacPlus and AMR-WB file formats.
A number of transcoders based on EVRC, SMV, QCELP, AMR-WB will be available in the coming months.