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Pour sa part, Lahcen Ahansal a affirme que l'objectif essentiel de l'Association AMRAD pour le Developpement qu'il preside vise a [beaucoup moins que]donner aux enfants de ces regions reculees et defavorisees la chance de suivre une scolarite normale a l'instar des enfants du meme age dans les centres urbains[beaucoup plus grand que].
AMRAD will contribute its patent estate, intellectual property and know-how pertaining to the therapeutic target, pre-clinical and development capabilities to the collaboration, and CAT will contribute its proprietary human antibody
AMRAD has been granted patents to the GM-CSF receptor target in Europe, USA and Australia, and patents are pending in Canada and Japan.
David Chiswell, Chief Executive Officer of CAT, commented, "We are extremely pleased to be entering this relationship with AMRAD to develop novel strategies for treating inflammatory disease.
Sandra Webb, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of AMRAD, added, "The number of antibodies which have been identified and are presently in development using CAT technology provides AMRAD with great confidence that the collaboration we have initiated with CAT will deliver vitally important new medicines and great commercial results.
AMRAD is an Australian research-based biotechnology company.
Victoria's AMRAD has secured Australia's largest ever biotechnology deal with Merck.
In "Re-membering Amrads and Amradnumas: Re-inventing the (Sedgwickian) Wheel,"Afsaneh Najmabadi maintains that the central pivot-point of the encounter of Iranian culture with Europe in the nineteenth century is "European gender heterosociality and the public visibility of the European woman" (p.
Najmabadi begins by showing that in early Qajar Iran (1785-1925) standards of beauty were not gender-specific: male youths ("amrads") as well as women were both deemed beautiful and sexually desirable by adult men, who were distinguished from the amrads by the marker of a full beard.