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AMRAMAdvanced Medium Range Air-To-Air Missile
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Ben Amram served as Vice President Operations in N-trig from 2010.
Another discussion led by Amram Mitzna focused on Israel's borders and security.
Yet, even with this sparse record, Miriam daughter of Amram is distinguished as a prophetess, (1) a poetess and musician, and an outstanding figure during the years in the wilderness.
BOGUS Burberry crook Amram Braha has got six months to find pounds 11million or face 10 years' jail.
Legendary musician David Amram will share his experience as film music composer, from New Orleans Jazz to Egyptian Hijaz (October 13)
Amram Braha, of Gants Hill, was convicted of trademark infringement and was caged for ten months by Wood Green Crown Court.
Intergum, owned by the Amram family, has a 46 per cent share of the Turkish gum market and had group sales of about pounds 55 million in 2006.
Members of the delegation got a big helping of politics from former Israeli army general Amram Mitzna, whom they met with in private Wednesday.
The Israeli team behind the accord included a former minister, Yossi Beilin, and former Labour party leader, Amram Mitzna.
Early life: David William Duchovny was born August 7, 1960, in New York to a Scottish teacher mother, Margaret, and publicist and playwright father, Amram, who had Russian ancestors.
Not only did it collapse his unity government, force early elections, necessitate a cabinet reshuffle, and hasten the appointment of a determined foe, Amram Mitzna, as Labor Party leader.
Martha Amram, a management consultant specializing in valuation and corporate strategy, presents a methodology for valuing growth across all assets, including private equity, corporate growth projects, and intellectual property.