AMRBAlam Maritim Resources Berhad (Malaysia)
AMRBAtwima Mponua Rural Bank Ltd. (Ghana)
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This will help marketers to track performance of their own apps, develop specific content and building new revenue models based on consumer's online activities," said Gagan Bhalla, CEO of AMRB.
According to the AMRB spokesperson, "Usage behaviour can also help understand the effectiveness of an app as a communication touch-point, and thus useful for media planners.
The AMRB is conducted annually, or as required per HQDA discretion, via SharePoint, Defense Connect Online, or video-teleconference at the direction of the G37/TR (Training Readiness) Director of Training on behalf of the DCS G-3/5/7.
Sukhdev Singh, associate vice president, AMRB, said: "The success or failure of MNP will ultimately depend upon the time taken to change from one telco to the other, as well as the switching cost involved.
The study, conducted by research company AMRB, is part of a global study by US-based TRU across 40 countries.
The remarks come after AMRB released the results of a survey looking at the habits of Emirati teens aged 12 to 19, who are leading the region in being the most tech-savvy, Bhalla said.
AMRB chief executive Gagan Bhalla said that regional teenagers "are a delight" for marketing professionals.
Summary: Realizing the importance and potential of the Muslim consumer market, JWT, the leading advertising agency in the MENA region, in collaboration with AMRB, a premier market research agency, launched findings of a research titled: "The Life and Times of the Modern Muslims: Understanding the Islamic Consumer".
Unless all the services are launched under the agreement together, I do not think the option will see much traction," said Sukhdev Singh, associate vice-president at market research and analysis services provider AMRB.
Mena and Emirati teens prefer spending their free time with the family, unlike the global norm where free time is mostly spent with friends, according to new research by AMRB.
local teenagers in the UAE spend more than twice as much as the global average in a week, according to a study from Dubai-based research firm AMRB and TRU.
Summary: Teenagers in the UAE, who get 20 times more pocket money than their Egyptian counterparts, are the most pampered in the world, according to a study by AMRB MENA.