AMREAmerican Museum of Radio and Electricity (est. 1985; Bellingham, WA)
AMREAsociación de Marcas Renombradas Españolas (Spanish)
AMREAlamo Model Railroad Engineers (Texas)
AMREAssociation of Mine Resident Engineers of South Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa)
AMREAmerican Music Repertory Ensemble (Purdue University; Indiana)
AMREAttitudes Toward Mental Retardation and Eugenics (behavioral science)
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The agreement also gives AMRE access to Century 21's data base of 3.
The switch in allegiance from Sears to Century 21 is the banner headline news for AMRE.
The New York-based company was second only to AMRE as the nation's largest provider of cabinet refacing services, and also was a Sears licensee.
This sends a signal that AMRE is continuing to keep an eye open for strategic buyouts and alliances that will further its consolidation plans.
This deal represents the first of many sublicensing agreements that AMRE expects to create in its push to bring established local and regional remodeling contractors under the Century 21 Home Improvements' umbrella.
Swartz said he is certain that AMRE is the nation's biggest cabinet refacing service, but added that he does not know how big the refacing market is.
Cipriano said AMRE aims to complete a customer's installation within 40 days of taking the order.
Cipriano added that the modernization program has allowed AMRE to sell off much of its manual equipment, which has freed up space in the shop.
This eliminates downtime in changing between the eight colors and patterns that AMRE offers, Cipriano said the three most popular designs - blush oak, dark plain maple and white - currently account for 55 percent of customer orders.
Revenues for the nine months ended September 29, 1996, were $186,496,000 compared to third quarter 1995 revenues for AMRE combined with Facelifters Home Systems, Inc.
At the end of the third quarter of 1996, AMRE had cash and marketable securities of $27,581,000.
AMRE is America's largest provider of high-quality, installed home improvements through its wholly owned subsidiaries, American Remodeling Inc.