AMRELAdvanced Modular Ranging Eyesafe Laser
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Integrating our GATOR appliance into the rugged laptops from AMREL enables us to offer a solution to first responders and field operators from the GEOINT Community who need support in isolated areas," said Greg Buckman, Head of Airbus Defense and Spaces Intelligence Business activities in North America.
The GATOR Rugged Geospatial Laptop is an ideal solution for situations where failures not an option," said Linda Talcott, AMRELs Director of Product Marketing.
AMREL noted that the IA offers a frequency and amplitude range with accuracy minimized at 0.
Contact: Sandra Reyes, AMREL, 800-654-9838, sandrar@amrel.
These problems are minimized by using a load with a built-in bucking supply, such as AMETEK's AMREL brand ZVL "E" zero-volt Ethernet-based eload.
AMREL, a computer manufacturer well known for their ROCKY line, was chosen, because of the proven toughness of their multiple mobile platforms.
Since it is an AMREL product, it is fully compliant to MIL-STD 810F.
After receiving a referral from a business contact, Electro-Meters approached AMREL to determine whether the company would be able and willing to provide DC power supplies to complement Electro-Meters' existing lines.
A seasoned manufacturer of rugged mobile computing systems, AMREL once again exercises its hold on ruggedized mobile computing technology through today's release of the ROCKY Unlimited.
In anticipation of the projected 250% sales growth in 2001, Alex Wang, AMREL COO, has relocated his office to the manufacturing facilities where he will focus on the expansions and the implementation of additional procedures.
As a pioneer in ruggedized mobile computing, AMREL developed the ROCKY Mobile in response to a lack of mobile computing solutions having the ability to effectively address the spatial and operational issues of in-vehicle computer applications.
AMREL Systems, long known for manufacturing customized rugged mobile computing systems, just gave "customized" a whole new meaning with the introduction of AMREL's "White" ROCKY, a special version of AMREL's ROCKY II+.