AMRFAlgalita Marine Research Foundation
AMRFAmerican Medical Resources Foundation
AMRFApproved Minimum Retirement Fund (UK)
AMRFAutomated Manufacturing Research Facility
AMRFAccès Multiple à Répartition en Fréquence
AMRFAlaskan Malamute Research Foundation
AMRFAccess to Major Research Facilities
AMRFAudie Murphy Research Foundation
AMRFAfrican Medical and Research Foundation
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Magliochetti said the Upton resident has made at least a half-dozen overseas medical assessment trips since becoming involved with AMRF.
The AMRF research staff examined various alternatives for systems in which to store manufacturing tools and finished products, but the search was a short one.
We funded a project for those in need and worked with AMRF (American Medical Resources Foundation) to multiply our funds; in partnership with Turkish Rotarians, we were then able to provide what was most needed to help families recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake," said Brandt.