AMRRAdaptive Multi Rate Retry
AMRRAircraft Material Readiness Report
AMRRAlkali Metal Residue Removal
AMRRArmy Materiels Research Reactor
AMRRAsbestos Materials Report and Register
AMRRAverage Monthly Rental Rate
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Based on numerical modeling of the AMRR process using the model developed in [6] and [9] (which will be detailed in the thermal study section) the length L of the structure is chosen to be 100 mm.
Governing equations for AMRR system have been developed in [6] and [7].
AMRR systems do not use a fluorocarbon working fluid; instead, a solid refrigerant is used.
Figure 2 reveals several details that are relevant to practical AMRR systems.
i] are not moderated as they are for AMRR, so AARR has higher within-year fluctuations.
For both AMRR and AARR, construction of the variables was based on a data set commencing in 1957.
This paper uses a physics-based, numerical model to predict the practical limits of the efficiency of a magnetic cooling cycle and compares the AMRR cycle to current technology.
The technical barriers associated with the ADR cycle have been overcome by the use of a regenerator in the AMRR cycle.
The American Sports Machine is a Florida-based corporation listed on the NASD Electronic Bulletin Board under the symbol AMRR.
This partnership between one of the largest Real Estate Agent Web sites and one of the largest online mortgage providers allows AMRR.
AMRR was formed in 1995 and has 1996 revenues of $1,600,000.
Upon completion of the proposed acquisitions, Citadel's intent is to form an additional subsidiary which will oversee the operations of AMT, AMRR and Citadel's medical waste treatment facilities.