AMS3Aviation Structural Mechanic Third Class (US Naval Rating)
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Financial Telecom produces the SinoBull Wireless PDA product, an advanced investment assistant equipped with the SEHK's (Stock Exchange of Hong Kong) 3rd generation AMS3 standard, providing order status, settlement results, real-time stock quotes, futures, currency exchange, and latest global financial news.
According to Pau Kwok Sing, Director & Manager of Chong Hing Securities Limited, "We are excited to launch the first wireless stock trade system with real time settlement using an AMS3.
c) 3D TWR SIM - EMAN dressing system for controlling AMS3 servers, workstations and METDATA converter; simulation for system messages SNOWTAM AMS3; generating virtual date info into the script, read the script virtual date info and additions to the virtual time - complete control for monitoring / degradation-SMGCS server to LV.