AMSACAsociación de Municipalidades de Sacatepequez (Spanish: Association of Municipalities of Sacatepequez; Guatemala)
AMSACAlaska Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee (Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities)
AMSACATWS Mitigating System Actuation Circuitry (ATWS = Anticipated Transient Without Scram)
AMSACAir Medical Safety Advisory Council
AMSACArmy Security Assistance Command
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AMSAC charted a plane that took over one hundred artists, writers, and intellectuals to Dakar for the 25-day Festival.
Even though he did not make the claim of CIA co-option in 1966, five years later Fuller would assert in Journey to Africa, his politico-biography of Guinea and Senegal, that while at the Festival in Dakar he learned firsthand of the insidious relationship between AMSAC and the CIA.