AMSIXAmsterdam Internet Exchange (also seen as AMS-IX)
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As a complement, STC also signed a master interconnection agreement with LINIX and another agreement with AMSIX in order to further enhance the reliability of STC's service offerings.
Infracom manages 4 data centers in Northern and Southern Italy totaling more than 5,000 sqm available floor; Milan data center is the largest with 3,000 sqm and hosts Infracom Telehouse, one of the largest private Telehouse in Europe, and a key access point to the Internet Backbone, directly connected to the main Italian exchange points and to the AMSIX in Amsterdam Infracom's assets include a 9,000 fiber optics Network and cable link across Italy with Metropolitan Area Networks in 40 cities.
The Global network interconnects with in excess of 50 other IP backbone carriers and web hosting companies including 10 major internet exchange points such as the LINX in London, AMSIX in Amsterdam, the NYIX in New York and the DeCIX in Frankfurt.