AMSJAuto-Moto Savez Jugoslavije (Serbian: Yugoslav Automobile Association)
AMSJAcademy of Marketing Studies Journal
AMSJAustralian Medical Student Journal (medical student publication)
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granting institutions demonstrate that AMSJ is fulfilling its mission of providing a publication outlet for researchers from smaller academic institutions.
The first seven volumes of AMSJ contain articles on a wide variety of marketing topics.
As Table 8 shows, the most commonly researched marketing topic addressed by articles in AMSJ is Consumer Behavior with 27 articles, followed by advertising with 11 articles, and Education with 7 articles.
There is substantial similarity between the marketing topics addressed by articles in AMSJ and those appearing in other journals, such as Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice (JMTP).
Undoubtedly the reason for the high number of citations from JCR is the high proportion of articles published in AMSJ on the topic of consumer behavior, as shown in Table 8.
Table 11 shows how many AMSJ articles referenced specific journals.
An in-depth analysis of the analytical techniques being utilized (applied) in AMSJ compared to JM is beyond the scope of this article, but a cursory analysis shows the level of sophistication is fairly high with over 67% of the papers being empirical in nature.
A full analysis of other journals to compare to AMSJ is beyond the scope of this article.
Table 12 shows the mean number of some key statistics for AMSJ and JM.
A search of the ProQuest[R] online database indicates that AMSJ has been cited twice in other journals.
Having examined every article published in the first seven volumes of AMSJ, it appears that the standards for publication in the AMSJ are relatively constant.