AMSOLAssociation des Établissements Obtenteurs et Producteurs de Semences de Plantes Oléoprotéagineuses (French)
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For example, as shown by the Ave Maria Foundation's tax records, several AMSOL board members received money from Monaghan's foundation either for themselves or for their projects.
Almost everyone who came to AMSOL would not have done so but for our reasonable belief that it was a separate entity from Monaghan and his foundation, with a separate board that was charged with a legally-enforceable fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the organization.
While George was on the AMSOL board, with a fiduciary duty to protect its interests, AMSOL engaged in activities that resulted in scandal, a hemorrhaging of faculty, and later on a legal settlement restoring Safranek's tenure, granting other professors' tenure, and requiring AMSOL's payment of a monetary award sufficient to make the faculty members' lawyer quite happy.