AMSSMAmerican Medical Society for Sports Medicine
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AMSSM Scientific Statement Concerning Viscosupplementation Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis: Importance for Individual Patient Outcomes.
The amount of time after the injury was different for each source: the World Rugby guidelines [9] state a minimum of 24-hours, the consensus statement states "in the initial few hours after the injury" and the AMSSM position statement [13] does not specify a time.
Founded in 1991, the AMSSM is now comprised of over 1,300 sports medicine physicians whose goal is to provide a link between the rapidly expanding core of knowledge related to sports medicine and its application to patients in a clinical setting.
She received responses from 44% of the 1,069 AMSSM members to whom she mailed her survey concerning the use of external defibrillators to resuscitate athletes.
The PPE monograph advocated and endorsed by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the AMSSM, and other groups is a better form to consider and one which obviously does address those important issues.