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AMTAssociation for Manufacturing Technology
AMTActive Management Technology (Intel)
AMTAlternative Minimum Tax
AMTAircraft Maintenance Technology (magazine)
AMTAviation Maintenance Technician
AMTAgence Métropolitaine de Transport (Montréal, Québec, Canada transportation agency)
AMTAdvanced Manufacturing Technology
AMTAutomated Manual Transmission (automotive)
AMTActive Media Technology
AMTAmerican Trans Air (ICAO Code)
AMTAmerican Medical Technologist
AMTAbbreviated Mental Test (cognitive test)
AMTAircraft Maintenance Training
AMTAddress Mapping Table
AMTApplied Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.
AMTAutobiographical Memory Test (behavioral science)
AMTArcadia Machine and Tool (Irwindale, California)
AMTAssociation for Meridian Therapies
AMTAnger Management Therapy
AMTArmy Modernization Training
AMTAssociació de Músics de Tarragona (Spanish)
AMTActive Matrix Technology
AMTACTS Mobile Terminal
AMTApple Media Toolkit
AMTAccelerated Mission Testing (aerospace)
AMTAccessoires Motos Tuning (French motorcycle accessories company)
AMTAlternative Musical Technologies (Nikolaev, Ukraine)
AMTAirborne Maintenance Technician
AMTAbove Mean Terrain
AMTAerial Mail Terminal (DoD)
AMTAdvanced Maneuver Transport (aerospace)
AMTAdvisors Management Trust
AMTAssociation Des Myopathes de Tunisie (Tunisian Muscular Dystrophy Association)
AMTAnalog Magnetic Tape
AMTArt et Métiers Division Transport (French: Arts and Crafts Transportation Division)
AMTAcquisition Management Team
AMTAdministration and Maintenance Terminal (ISDN)
AMTAssign Medical Transport (Bogota, NJ)
AMTAcacia Media Technologies
AMTAirsoft Marksmanship Trial
AMTAcademy Military Trainer
AMTAudio-Magneto-Telluric Method
AMTAir Mail Terminal
AMTAUTODIN Multimedia Terminal
AMTAuxiliary Master Tape
AMTAtlantic Meridonial Transect
AMTDepartment of Energy, Assistant Manager for Technical Support (sometimes seen as DOE AMT)
AMTAutomatic Multicast Tunnel
AMTAdvanced Multiservice Terminal
AMTAdvanced Manual Techniques (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal)
AMTAdvanced Membrane Transducer (electronics)
AMTAutomated MISREP Tool
AMTAssociate in Marine Transportation
AMTAmalgamated Military/Technical Improvement Plan
AMTAircraft Metals Technology
AMTAlarm Management Testing
AMTAlternate Mission Technique
AMTAdvanced Management Technologies Ltd (Danville, CA)
AMTArt, Music and Theatre (various schools)
AMTAsset Management Team (various locations)
AMTAnnual Mean Temperature
AMTAdvanced Medical Technologies (various organizations)
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4351, the AMT Relief Act of 2007, sets up a showdown with Senate lawmakers, who earlier this month passed an AMT one-year patch without spending offsets.
w]hile approximately 4 million taxpayers were subject to AMT in 2006, it is projected that in 2007, absent a change in law, 23.
The taxpayer argued that the prohibition against carrying back capital losses to a previous year and the $3,000 deduction limitation on capital losses applied only to the regular tax computation, not the AMT calculation.
We hope this will encourage the talented writers among us to send in their best work, whatever length suits it best, and that future issues of AMT will have a more varied "rhythm" as a result.
The greater the investment wealth, and the greater the advisory fees, the more likely the AMT will apply.
AMT was a completely new technology and untested yet in this market.
The RMS pact commits AMT to license its Allphones brand and store design to the project.
Each AMT shareholder holding at least 5% of the shares in the capital of AMT on the Distribution Record Date shall be entitled to exchange its uniQure DRs for an equal number of ordinary shares (class A) in uniQure, subject to such shareholder becoming party to the uniQure Shareholder Agreement (the "Exchange Offer").
After the educational opportunity, we had the chance to promote our AMT organization to the laboratory professionals and we responded to questions regarding AMT as a certifying body.
But you won't know for sure until you've calculated your taxes--twice (first using the regular tax formula and second using the AMT Form 6251).
The corporate AMT suffers from the same infirmities as the individual AMT.
The issue before the court--one not previously heard by the Second Circuit or any other court of appeals--was whether the deduction for real property taxes permitted by section 216 had been disallowed for AMT purposes.