AMTACAmerican Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition
AMTACAustralian Maritime and Transport Arbitration Commission (Australia)
AMTACAerial Maneuver Technology Assessment Center
AMTACAIDS Medical and Technical Advisory Committee (New Zealand)
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AMTAC reduces backpressure through several design elements.
7 inches (the typical muzzle-forward length of an AMTAC suppressor) minimizes those adverse effects.
To date, AMTAC has not experienced a baffle strike of any kind.
Let's take a quick backstage look at the company and then delve into the nitty-gritty of the various suppressors AMTAC offers.
A spokesman for the NHS Counter Fraud Service said: 'The AMTAC test is an important development in countering the fraudulent use of inferior materials by a minority of dentists.
Vincek Design Associates, LLC, Sussex, NJ Virotek, Marketing, Buffalo Grove, IL WILDEN Engineering-und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, International Marketing, D-93047 Regensburg ZEVEX Incorporated 4314 Zevex Park Lane Salt Lake City, UT 84123 Tel: 800-970-2337, Fax: 801-254-1051 See Advertisement on Page 96 Product Safety Compliance AMTAC Certification Services Ltd.
Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (BVCPS), a world leader in consumer product testing, inspection, and auditing services, is pleased to announce the acquisition of UK based AMTAC Laboratories Ltd, one of Europe's foremost consumer product testing organisations.
Founded in 1895 as one of the world's first contemporary testing and certification organisations, AMTAC Labs is one of Europe's foremost consumer product testing organisations today.
Kevin O'Brien, BVCPS President, indicated that the acquisition of AMTAC Labs was a key development for Bureau Veritas in serving the needs of both the UK and European markets.
1965), one of the UK's foremost independent metallurgical testing facilities, and AMTAC Laboratories Ltd was established.
Anaheim, CA Waldmann Lighting, Wheeling, IL Testing/Certification/Training Services AMTAC Certification Services Ltd.
The certification was administered by AMTAC Certification Services Limited.