AMTFAscended Master Teaching Foundation (est. 1980)
AMTFAverage Modulation Transfer Function
AMTFAmerican Music Theatre Festival (Philadelphia, PA)
AMTFAccelerator Module Test Facility (European X-Ray Laser Project)
AMTFAirmobile Task Force
AMTFAlkali Metal Treatment Facility
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upgrades in both buildings Install sprinkler and alarm upgrades to AMTF
A spokesman for NDC commented, "We are excited and confident that the clinical trial will prove the efficacy of the AMTF enteral product line.
The objective of the study will be to demonstrate whether feeding patients with AMTF tube feedings result in decreased rates of nosocomial infections, decreased rates of gastrostomy tube colonization, decreased cost, decreased duration of mechanical ventilation or improvements in survival compared with standard tube feeding in ventilator patients.