AMTLArmy Materials Technology Laboratory
AMTLAmerican Medical Testing Laboratories
AMTLAntemortem Tooth Loss (dentistry)
AMTLAdvanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory
AMTLactive management of the third stage of labor
AMTLÁrea Metropolitana de Transportes de Lisboa (Portuguese: Metropolitan Area of Transportation of Lisbon)
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In light of California's new Title 24 Building Energy Code, our designation as an AMTL is particularly advantageous for fabricators that sell roofing products in California," said Tom McKay, product/marketing manager of BASF's Industrial Coatings Solutions business in North America.
AMTL has been founded to provide unique differentiating IC technology in support of AMPL as well as provide custom IC design services to outside customers.
Data produced from the LEx Chemistries(TM) conducted by AMTL are seamlessly integrated into LEXCONX(TM) Life Extension Connection Solutions, a PC-based clinical data acquisition and management application that creates a unique index of an individual's wellness and longevity status.
The company's stock is traded on the NASDAQ market under the symbol AMTL.
To find out how to be tested for food intolerance using The ALCAT Test, call AMTL Corp.
The company's common stock trades on the NASDAQ market under the symbol AMTL.