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AMULAnand Milk Union Limited
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Amul said: "I'm lucky to be a part of this project.
Gujarat Co- Operative Milk Marketing Federation's Amul Butter advertisement states, " Eat milk with every meal and live every day, worry- free".
Amul commands a major share with nearly 290 lakh litres processing capacity.
But Amul is facing unprecedented challenge from all sorts of players.
Now with the increase in milk prices, Amul double tonned half litre pouch will be available at Rs.
The Gujarat based dairy cooperative that markets the very successful Amul ice cream brand has had rapidly increasing levels of turnover in recent years, moving from less than $500m in 1995 to nearly $3.
At the time Kurien started to work for Amul, the total output of milk per year for the whole of India was estimated at a woeful 7 million tonnes.
Whatever is happening in India or concerns India, an Amul hoarding will have something to comment - through pithy copy, beautifully crafted puns, a slogan of celebration or sorrow - or even a below-the-belt swipe.
Rajkot-based Amul Industries that makes crankshafts and connecting rods for the Nano has sacked a third of its 250 people workforce due to the decline in orders from Tata Motors.
Varghese Kurian's "I too had a dream" tells us not only of him being the person to start a brand like Amul but also that he has a writer inside him.
Summary: Never before has Amul been buffeted by as much competition as it is today.