AMVAApproximate Mean Value Analysis
AMVAAssociation Marocaine des Véhicules Anciens (French: Moroccan Association of Vintage Vehicles; Morocco)
AMVAAssociation Mayennaise de Véhicules Anciens (French: Mayenne Association of Old Vehicles; Mayenne, France)
AMVAAntwerp Military Vehicles Association (Belgium)
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In addition, the Company will also exhibit its 8000:1 high contrast ratio featuring AMVA 3 technology 46-inch LCD TV, which significantly surpasses specifications for current industry mainstream standards.
AUO will display several innovative products and technologies, such as in-cell multi-touch panel, the third generation of AMVA technology with high static contrast ratio 5000:1, Full HD line-up LCD TV panels, 16:9 LCD for MoniTV, notebook PC panels with LED backlight, large-sized LCDs for PID and a series of green panels that utilize AUO's green solutions.
LCD TV Application Section -- 52-inch LCD display with built-in third generation of AMVA technology
AMVA 3 Ultra High Static Contrast Ratio > 5,000:1 -- Ultra Slim 42" LCD TV with LED < 10 mm -- Ultra Slim High Dynamic Contrast with LED: Contrast Ratio > 200,000:1 -- Ink-Jet Printing Color Filter -- 46" Eco-Friendly Technology: 50% Power Saving -- RGBW Technology -- Single Connection Cascade COG Architecture -- Color Adaptation Technology -- Zigzag Pixel Design -- Microcrystalline-Silicon Technology
AUO Technology & Product Highlights LCD TV Display Technology Technology Panel Size Features Third generation 46" FHD 5000:1 ultra high static AMVA technology contrast ratio, of high 550-nit brightness, low color washout Eco-LCD TV 32" WXGA Power-saving of up to 50%, Technology 500-nit brightness, high contrast ratio of 3,000:1 Ultra-slim and 32" WXGA Thickness of 20mm, to extra-light LCD maintain original brightness TV technology and significantly reduce module thickness without changing the amount of CCFL used for the backlight.
AUO will also exhibit 37", 42" and 46" LCD TV panels equipped with Full HD resolution and AMVA (Advanced MVA) technology featuring wide viewing angle, low color washout, and a high contrast ratio of 2000:1.
newly-launched 5000:1 contrast ratio AMVA technology with CCFL backlight
With the theme of "Technology Matters," on the agenda for LCD TV display technology, High Dynamic Contrast LED Systems and advanced AMVA technology with high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle will be on display in the dark hall section.
It also features AUO AMVA technology for color washout improvement at large viewing angles, HiColor technology for wide color gamut of NTSC 92%, high contrast of 2000:1, true 10 bit gray scale for better image processing quality in displaying billions of colors (1073.
In the ''TV Technology'' section, in addition to the advanced version of four key technologies for High Definition TV (HDTV), AUO will be demonstrating some pioneering innovations, including: Full HD LCD at 120Hz frame rate to reduce motion blur images and reach a CRT- like quality image in motion picture response time at 4ms equivalent gray to gray; AMVA Alternate Frame technology to achieve super wide viewing angle and improve color washout problem; APE technology showcased by means of 37'' TV panels to enhance the contrast ratio to above 10,000:1 and save up to 50% in power consumption by utilizing LED backlight to control luminance depth and range.
AMVA Technology, Featuring Extra-High Contrast Ratio of 2500:1 and High Color Gamut NTSC > 92%
Hui Hsiung noted that the successfully turned-on 42'' LCD TV panel with WXGA (1366x768) resolution will be equipped with the company's latest AMVA technology (Advanced MVA Technology) with low colour washout and high contrast ratio above 1200:1.