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AMWAAmerican Medical Women's Association
AMWAAmerican Medical Writers Association (since 1940; Rockville, Maryland)
AMWAAkina Mama wa Afrika (Swahili: Solidarity among African Women)
AMWAAssociation of Metropolitan Water Agencies
AMWAAdvanced Media Workflow Association (formerly Advanced Authority Format Association)
AMWAAmerican Metropolitan Water Association
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NACWA and AMWA urge Congress and the Administration to consider the serious impacts to our nation's water infrastructure and maintain the current tax-exempt status of municipal bonds.
The EPAs Strategic Plan for Homeland Security, which describes strategies for protecting the water supply, is available from the AMWA Web site at www.
Recognizing the human side of medicine is critical to motivate the medical millennial generation and to show appreciation for aspiring young physicians," said Eliza Lo Chin, MD, MPH, executive director of AMWA.
It was accepted on stage by Brad Gilmer of AMWA, Jean-Pierre Evain of EBU and Roman Mackiewicz of Bloomberg.
The AMWA is made up of the nation's largest publicly-owned water utilities, with members providing high quality drinking water to more than 133 million Americans.
According to AMWA, it is common for pregnant residents to conceal their condition until it becomes unambiguous, due to their fear that they would be dismissed or harassed.
AMWA 2006 Annual Meeting--Prevention: The Smart Future Strategy.
Bartnett, AMIA, AMWA, NASW is a medical writer and biomedical informatics specialist for WE MOVE, a not-for-profit organization committed to increasing worldwide education and awareness for movement disorders.
Also not true, AMWA says: "[O]ther technologies such as powdered activated carbon, packed tower aeration, oxidation, membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, etc.
It is right that we celebrate broad collaboration across the industry, and I am delighted that we can honour EBU and AMWA for their efforts in driving the FIMS project, and Bloomberg on behalf of all the partners, as the pioneering implementer of the standard.
com/), an Emmy award-winning provider of interoperable file transfer and metadata standards solutions, to integrate AMWA AS-11 and Digital Production Partnership (DPP) media file format validation into Aspera's high-speed file transfer software and workflow orchestration platform.
At HBO we're leading the way in leveraging JPEG 2000 as our mezzanine file standard and AMWA AS-02 to enable content delivery and interchange for HBO and for our partners," said Elmer G.