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AMYArizona Museum for Youth (Mesa, AZ)
AMYAnger Management for Youth
AMYAmpere Modulated Yielding
AMYAsian Monsoon Year
AMYAnti-Microbial Yarn (Unifi, Inc.)
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observed Amy, with a reproving look at the long figure stretched on the rug.
As for you, Amy," continued Meg, "you are altogether to particular and prim.
If Jo is a tomboy and Amy a goose, what am I, please?
Amy, though the youngest, was a most important person, in her own opinion at least.
Meg stopped lecturing, and lighted the lamp, Amy got out of the easy chair without being asked, and Jo forgot how tired she was as she sat up to hold the slippers nearer to the blaze.
She likes it, and it won't cost much, so I'll have some left to buy my pencils," added Amy.
The tall and phlegmatic Lord Ingram leans with folded arms on the chair-back of the little and lively Amy Eshton; she glances up at him, and chatters like a wren: she likes him better than she does Mr.
That was Amy Foster's heart; which was 'a golden heart, and soft to people's misery,' he would say in the accents of overwhelming convic- tion.
It began by his buying for Amy Foster a green satin ribbon in Darnford.
The Fosters, of course, didn't like to lose the wages the girl earned: Amy used to give all her money to her mother.
People were saying that Amy Foster was begin- ning to find out what sort of man she had married.
She is Amy Foster for everybody, and the child is 'Amy Foster's boy.