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AMYSAmerican Mid Year Society (car club)
AMYSAssociation of Muslim Youth of Sailan (Sri Lanka)
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So you are, so you are, and you are the best of Amys.
One solid stationary point in the looseness of this gentleman's character was, that he respected and admired his sister Amy.
Why, good gracious, Amy, what ever brought you here?
The notion of you among professionals, Amy, is really the last thing I could have conceived
I couldn't have managed it, Amy, though I know so much more of the world.
Stop a moment, Amy, and let them get away before us,' whispered Fanny.
And so, Amy,' said her sister, when the three together passed out at the door that had such a shame-faced consciousness of being different from other doors: the uncle instinctively taking Amy's arm as the arm to be relied on: 'so, Amy, you are curious about me?
I was not born where you were, you know, Amy, and perhaps that makes a difference.
Now, Amy,' said her sister, 'come with me, if you are not too tired to walk to Harley Street, Cavendish Square.
Thereupon she said again, and again, 'I beg your pardon, Amy,' and 'Forgive me, Amy,' almost as passionately as she had said what she regretted.
But indeed, indeed, Amy,' she resumed when they were seated in sisterly accord side by side, 'I hope and I think you would have seen this differently, if you had known a little more of Society.
You see, while you have been domestic and resignedly shut up there, Amy,' pursued her sister, gradually beginning to patronise,