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AMZAustralian Milking Zebu (cattle breed)
AMZAthletic Munduan Zehar (Spanish athletic club)
AMZAltern Mit Zukunft (German: Aging with a Future; health care)
AMZAssociation Maurice Zundel (French: Maurice Zundel Association)
AMZAftermath Zone (game site)
AMZAllmodelzone (modeling website)
AMZAlianza Magonista Zapatista (Spanish: Zapatista Alliance Magona)
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In 2007, AMZ bought an 11-hectare coastal swathe of land on Penghu for nearly $10 million.
AMZ succeded in winning the bid for the exploration of copper and cobalt at Tenke-Fungurume in Katanga, a concession that belonged to the state-owned Gecamines.
There is even a reality TV show based on this premise," said Jason Konopik, CFO, AMZ Financial.
Media Contact: Travis Jamison, AMZ Tracker, 555-864-2676, Support@amztracker.
For example, one can read in AMZ 6 ([9 May 1804]: 542-43) that Symphony no.
According to AMZ MAK Capital co-chairman Alikhan, tremendous growth opportunities exist in technology-led businesses in the GCC and Pakistan, especially in the financial services industry.
9 million, excluding AMZ, represent the sixth quarter of steadily improving results and a seven-fold increase over the fourth quarter of 2001.
The impact of this disclaimer of control is to reduce Cobalt's regulatory capital requirement associated with owning AMZ shares.
Cash proceeds during the first half of 2002 from the IRG and AMZ sales totaled $85 million, representing $17 million from the IRG sale and $68 million from the sale of AMZ stock.
Cobalt Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Blue Cross & Blue Shield United of Wisconsin, owned 4,909,525 shares, or approximately 39 percent, of the outstanding AMZ shares prior to the closing of the sale.
Sale of IRG behavioral health services unit for $27 million - Orderly reduction of AMZ ownership
30 per share from the already completed buy back of AMZ stock, the sale of IRG, and a favorable arbitration settlement.