AN1Aniridia (genetics)
AN1Ascending Neuron 1 (neuroscience)
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Figures 2a-f show the vertical profiles of potential temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, silicate, nitrate, and phosphate at stations AN1 and LM2, together with those at two nearby INDOPAC-II stations (IN-II-8 and IN-II-9).
Results: Increases in the pure-tone hearing threshold by air conduction of AN1 group significantly exceeded those of SHL group at 0.
Nissei also unveiled the AN1 series prototype hybrid press based on its NEX all-electric toggle press but using the hydraulic X-Pump for plasticating.
Thacker's team developed the Firefly, the first multiprocessor workstatation, the AN1 and AN2 local area networks, and the Alpha Demonstration Unit, the first system to employ Digital's Alpha architecture.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFJ) said yesterday that its annual net profit passed the AN1.
In AN1, the flow field of melted polymer in injection molding was obtained according to the method shown in Ref.
13 trillion net profit for the six months through September, from AN1 trillion a year ago, while half-year revenue rose 3.