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ANAAAsian-American Network Against Abuse (Kingman, AZ)
ANAAAssociation Nationale Anglo Arabe (French: National Anglo-Arab Association; horse breeding)
ANAAAmerican Nursing Assistants Association
ANAAAcoustic Neuroma Association of Australasia (est. 1984)
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Sophie's Choice is a realist novel as much indebted to Madame Bovary as to Anaa Karenina, and not just in having a central, tragic heroine.
AnAa nnouncement on his successor has yet to be made, but reports in Spain suggest the former Real Madrid boss will be officially presented as the new No.
There are some problems though against the specific idea that the impersonal anaa da+NP gave rise to the existential da-NP.
The School Street Project was supposed to increase access to food in the community," says Anaa Reese, a nutrition policy administrator at the Alameda County Department of Public Health who worked on the conversion of School Market.
sen=daa anaa espi-dej, EXCL you=EMPH just woman-DIM
AnAA spokeswoman said: 'Any talk of an extension is premature.
Rates are likely to remain flat for the foreseeable future,'' says anAA spokesman.
PCR amplification and fluorescence detection was accomplished using the ANAA or the ABI Prism 7700 thermal cycler (Perkin-Elmer) in a volume of 25 [micro]L or 50 [micro]L, respectively.
Siegel, RN, MPH Acting Director, Alameda County Public Health Department Assisted by Brenda Yamashita & Anaa Reese of the Alameda County Public Health Department Oakland, CA
Astro-Expeditions, led by Brian McGee, Declan Foughnan and Sheridan Williams, carried a total of 160 passengers in a shuttle service of ATR-72 and ATR-42 planes to the tiny Anaa and Hikueru atolls, with a resident population of around 450 people (Anaa) and 150 (Hikueru).
JUNIOR GIRLS TEAMS: Sabine Abu Abbas, Celine Abu Abbas, Patricia Muller 0:35:37; Lyne Abu Khandra, Thamara Noor, Anaa Wisnitwski 0:42:20.
The event was part of the weekly Souk al-Ared (Land Market) activity organized by the Hariri Foundation in cooperation with two Italian bodies, the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU) and Ecodeep, in addition to Slow Food, anAa international organization.