ANACAgência Nacional de Aviação Civil (Brasil)
ANACAnimal Nutrition Association of Canada
ANACAutomatic Number Announcement Circuit
ANACAssociazione Nazionale Autori Cinema
ANACAutomated Number Authentication Call
ANACAboriginal Nurses Association of Canada
ANACAssociation of Nurses in AIDS Care
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The addition of the Q400 aircraft s type certification is significant for Brazil which continues to evolve as a result of organic growth and local investment in infrastructure, said Dino Ishikura Airworthiness Superintendent, ANAC.
By developing high-quality in-flight halal menu options ANAC will have the potential to secure a greater number of third-party catering contracts, particularly from Islamic airlines, increasing revenue for catering.
In a letter dated July 19 and sent to ANAC Minister John Duncan, Steve Noskey states that "the two leaderships have met and a resolution has been reached.
ANAC received the request from Pheasant Rump to separate a year ago, March 22, 2011.
The certification was achieved after we were approved by the ANAC to perform maintenance on the Airbus A318 aircraft.
Seeds of the agreement began to grow at the annual general meeting of ANAC last June.
You can find these people through local chapters of ANAC, physicians and any number of support groups throughout the country.
ANAC has been unable to issue a new permit due to unpaid fees, an incomplete survey and unaddressed environmental audit issues, said Michelle Perron, ANAC spokesperson in an email interview.
Pursuant to the process established by ANAC, bidding is for a concession to expand, maintain and operate the Brasilia, Guarulhos and Campinas airports.
ANAC has also authorized TAM to perform quick repairs to ATR-42 PW 120/121/121A engines and handle certain operational tests, in addition to nickel and silver electroplating.
Three Points has good prospects in the ANAC Sales Italian Thoroughbred Breeders' Association Conditions Stakes (2.
Robinson has made significant contributions to ANAC throughout his professional career," said Adele Webb, PhD, RN, AACRN, DPNAP, FAAN, executive director and CEO of ANAC.