ANACOMAutoridade Nacional de Comunicações (Portuguese: National Communication Authority))
ANACOMAnalog Computer
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Though ANACOM decided to deregulate this market - highly disputed between incumbent operators and new entrants - it is to encourage the sector to invest in fibre optics, which promises new services, such as very high speed internet, interconnection between machines, vehicles, devices or sensors.
Davis Young, Building Your Company's Good Name (New York: ANACOM 1996), pp.
In November 2007, ANACOM proposed lowering the ceiling on termination charges for all 3 mobile companies, although with a higher ceiling for the smallest firm.
ANACOM said over 99% of the messages were delivered in under 20 seconds, with the average delivery time of a short message being 12 seconds.
ANACOM (2009): "Mercados de Fornecimento Grossista de Acesso (fisico) a Infraestructura de Rede num Local Fixo e de Fornecimento Grossista de Acesso em Banda Larga: Definicao dos mercados do produto e mercados geogrAficos, avaliacoes de PMS e imposicao, manutencao, alteracao ou supressao de obrigacoes regulamentares", Janeiro.
125) The sectoral regulator ANACOM has continued to take action to reduce interconnection charges in telecommunications and put all operators on a level playing field.
All of the mobile operators in Portugal - Oni Way, Optimus, TMN and Vodafone Portugal - have now been given two weeks to report on the status of their 3G rollouts by the Portuguese telecomms regulator ANACOM.
Ftima Barros, president of ANACOM (Portuguese National Communications Authority); and Mr.
Within these enquiries, the Competition Authority coordinates with the sector regulator, ANACOM.