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ANAMAutoridad Nacional del Ambiente (National Environment Authority of Panama)
ANAMAsociación Nacional de Municipalidades (National Association of Municipalities, Guatemala)
ANAMAustralian National Academy of Music (South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
ANAMAutomated Neuropsychological Assessment Metric
ANAMAccidents in North American Mountaineering (Jed Williamson book)
ANAMAdvanced Navy Aerosol Model
ANAMAutomated Neurological Assessment Metric (cognitive performance testing)
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Police did not detect the gun Anam used to end his life because the arresting officer, an 11-year veteran of the force, did not search him, both KVUE and the Statesman confirmed with Austin police.
Zubaida's Bangladesh sojourn enables Anam to depict the follies of the country's ruling class, its particular anti-intellectualism (a dinner guest calls Zubaida a physicist, and when she explains that she is a marine paleontologist, the guest says, "It's all the same, no?
Pintu gained asylum in Sweden which Anam helped negotiate.
The combined expertise of Tata Communications and Anam creates an end to end A2P delivery channel with a focus on generating new revenues for mobile network operators.
To confirm your attendance or to become involved as a speaker get in touch with conference producer Anam Hilal on +971 4 444 3116 or email: anam.
Anam Ali, 21, and Deeqa Ahmed, 22, have produced a short film aimed at school-aged girls.
Instead of driving on the major road, Khalid Anam, director of the Traffic Police in Dhamar, said the bus selected a secondary route to avoid security checkpoints.
Ei stori ef yw Corp + Anam (Corff + Enaid), cyfres Wyddeleg fydd yn cael ei dangos ar S4C gydag isdeitlau Cymraeg.
After sometime, he divorced Aqsa too and married her youngest sister, Anam, a few days ago, the Dawn reports.
It is here that Anam picks up the story, switching from 1971, the time of the soldiers' return, to the mid 1980's.
Wajeeha Anam Qazi picked up two wickets conceding 23 runs off 3 overs.
Dermot Weld has concerns about Anam Allta giving the weight away, but she looks the pick on bare form.