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ANAPAnavatan Partisi (Motherland Party, Turkey)
ANAPAsociación Nacional de Agricultores Pequeños
ANAPAgence Nationale d'Appui à la Performance des Établissements de Santé et Médico-Sociaux (French: National Support Agency for the Performance of Health and Medico-Social Facilities)
ANAPAssociazione Nazionale Artigiani Pensionati (Italy)
ANAPAnionic Neutrophil Activating Peptide
ANAPAirport Noise Advisory Panel
ANAPAssociazione Nazionale Audioprotesisti Professionali (Italy)
ANAPAggregated Network Access Point
ANAPAttribute Not Always Present
ANAPAssisted New Attachment Procedure (Laser-ANAP dental gum treatment)
ANAPAnonymous Napster
ANAPAviation Noise Abatement Policy
ANAPAssociation Nationale des Anciens Parachutistes (Paris, France)
ANAPAssociazione Nazionale Addestramento Professionale
ANAPAmmonium Nitrate Acetone Peroxide
ANAPAfrica Natural Products Programme
ANAPAdministrator Needs Assessment Program
ANAPAlaska Native Arts Program
ANAPAgulhas Negras Anatomia Patológica
ANAPAlliance for Azerbaijan Party
ANAPAntennaria Aprica (low everlasting)
ANAPActive Node Authentication Protocol
ANAPASHA National Action Plan
ANAPAssociazione Nazionale Piccoli Agricoltori
ANAPAntinuclear Antibody Profile
ANAPAmerica North Architectural Products, Inc. (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)
ANAPAssociation for Assistance to Prisoners
ANAPAttitudes and Needs Assessment Project
ANAPAngolan National Agency Press (now Angola Press Agency, ANGOP)
ANAPAgence Nationale d'Appui à la Performance des Établissements de Santé et Médico-Sociaux (French: National Agency for Support to the Performance of Health and Medical-Social Facilities)
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It is now known yet whether Pearl has made an alternative deal to supply the ANAP system, which is also bound for the EU market.
Taken from the prologue to Revolucion Agroecologica en Cuba: El Movimiento Campesino a Campesino de la ANAP en Cuba.
Table 2: Political Parties within the Party Families, represented in Turkish Parliament since 1950 Elections 1950 1954 1957 1961 1965 1969 1973 1977 Kurdish (Left-) Nationalism CHP (1) Merkez Sol CP/CGP AP Merkez Sag DP (1) MP YTP Political Islam/Milli MNP/MSP Gorus Turkish CKMP MHP (1) Nationalist Elections 1983 1987 1991 1995 1999 2002 2007 2011 Kurdish HEP HADEP DTP BDP (Left-) Nationalism HP SODEP/SHP CHP (2) Merkez Sol DSP DSP ANAP ANAP ANAP DYP DP (2) Merkez Sag DYP AKP Political Islam/Milli RP FP SP Gorus Turkish MDP MCP/MHP (2) Nationalist BBP Source: TBMM: TBMM'de siyasi partiler [database online:] available at http://tbmm.
Revolucion agroecologica: El Movimiento de Campesino a Campesino de la ANAP en Cuba, Havana, La Via Campesina and ANAP, 2010.
15) ANAP under the leadership of its charismatic leader Turgut Ozal succeeded in dominating the politics of the 1980s.
elections, ANAP leader Mesut Yilmaz and True Path Party (DYP) leader Tansu Ciller formed a coalition government with Yilmaz to be prime minister until the end of that year.
He gave them most of the important posts, with his DSP taking 13 portfolios, MHP having 12 and ANAP taking ten.
He was made ANAP deputy chairman and state minister in charge of information as well as government spokesman in Ozal's first cabinet.
Mesut Yilmaz's Motherland Party (ANAP) and the True Path Party (DYP) took about 25 per cent of the vote between them: as this article was being written (June) the probable outcome was a coalition government between the DSP, the MHP and ANAP despite the objections of Ecevit's wife Rahsan to going into government with the fascists.
When Erbakan was not able to establish a coalition government, Demirel then appointed ANAP -- the new name of ANAVATAN -- to form a government.
ANAP president Orlando Lugo noted the importance of investing in high yield areas.