ANBAAberdeen Nine Ball Association (UK)
ANBAAppleton Northside Business Association, Inc. (Appleton, Wisconsin)
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However due to the instability, threat of a civil war and fluctuations of the global markets, the completion of the 100 mega projects underway is at risk," said ANBA Editor-in-Chief Mahmut Kylync.
He added that ANBA was established under the umbrella of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce with the aim of developing marketing and media work for Brazil and Arab countries.
Jumblat also said in his weekly column in the PSP paper AL ANBA that resolving the issue of false witnesses "is very important for the purpose of amending Lebanese-Syrian relations that have been fissured in the past few years," Jumblat added, "Those who aimed to mislead investigations regarding Hariri's assassination should be brought into account for the sake of Lebanon's interest and the historical Lebanese-Syrian ties.