ANBIDAssociação Nacional dos Bancos de Investimento (Brazil, National Association of the Banks of Investment)
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471, dated August 8, 2008 ("Instruction CVM 471"), that filed, in Brazil, on this date an application for registry with the Associacao Nacional dos Bancos de Investimento ("ANBID") of an Global Equity Offering of Common Stocks of the Company, which shall be submitted to the simplified procedure provided in Instruction CVM 471 and in accordance with the agreement entered into by CVM and ANBID on August 20, 2008, for such purpose, in the terms provided below:
2Q04 was market by volatility, whereby, according to information published by ANBID - National Association of Investment Banks, the total asset management industry was up by some 2.
HSBC is the fourth-largest asset manager in Brazil as ranked by ANBID in 2002.