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ANBPAssociação Nacional de Bombeiros Profissionais (Portugese)
ANBPAssociation of Natural Biocontrol Producers
ANBPAustralian National Blood Pressure Study
ANBPAfghan New Beginning Program (NGO)
ANBPAnorexia Nervosa Binge-Eating/Purging Type (eating disorders)
ANBPAdenine Nucleotide Breakdown Products
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Governor Haji Bahlol Bahij, officials from Joint Secretariat (JS), police chief, Provincial Council, representatives from ANBP, UN Agencies, Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and ISAF will attend the ceremony.
In a statement, ANBP said the Workshop was part of people-centred initiatives launched throughout Afghanistan to develop a better understanding of DIAG on how the process would benefit communities through compliance of commanders.
A weapons handover ceremony, to be held in the district chiefs office, will be attended by Governor Abdullah Wardak, police and provincial council chiefs and representatives from ANBP, UNAMA, Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and ISAF.