AnciAssociazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani (italy)
ANCIAustralian Nursing Council Inc.
ANCIAssociazione Nazionale Coniglicoltori Italiani (Italian: National Association of Rabbit Breeders)
ANCIAmerica’s Narcotics Control Initiative
ANCIAssoziacione Nazionale Calzaturifici Italiani (Italian Communities Association)
ANCIAtlanta Nisseki CLAF (Cross Laminated Airy Fabric), Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
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The largest industry players, together with Italian environmental association Legambiente and ANCI (the Italian Association of Municipalities), believe that Italy, which is engaged in fighting climate change at the European level, has every interest in ensuring that these areas continue to generate electricity from renewable resources.
Brand Names: RFX, AmoPave, Amolene, AP3, Claf - ANCI joint venture
This Mayoral Policy Food Forum comes at the end of an extensive exchange between USCM and ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities, in which the two organizations will have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).
The company took part in the initiative entitled, "The Charter of Milan: commitments for healthy, safe and nutritious food for all", held today in the Great Hall of the University of Milan in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, Maurizio Martina, the Mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia, the Commissary for Expo 2015, Giuseppe Sala and the President of ANCI (The National Association of Italian Communities), Piero Fassino.
A commercial DVD including Olmi's films for Edison in the 1950s came out recently from the publisher Feltrinelli, in collaboration with the ANCI (see Olmi, Gli anni Edison).
The programming of the PLC is carried out using the B&R Automation Studio and several programming languages are available: Automation Basic, ANCI C and languages in international standard IEC 1131-3 as well.
The Italian footwear association ANCI says 900,000 jobs are at risk in Europe, including 300,000 in Italy, while Beijing says tariffs could put four million Chinese cobblers' jobs at risk.
On the local level, included in this infrastructure are the private associations for individuals with disabling conditions: ACLIFIM for those with physical disabilities, ANSO for those with hearing impairment, and ANCI for those with blindness.
This process meets ANCI 603 architectural standards.