ANCOMAndean Common Market
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It also aims to strengthen its price competitive edge and increase its sales even further by obtaining exemption from import duties in the ANCOM market and streamlining physical distribution and logistics.
According to the data collected by the ANCOM, in 2009 83,46% of the postal services suppliers (889) have effectively provided these services (742), compared to 2008 when their share was of 90,11%.
Indicators used in the research Indicators Number of Number of GDP per GDP Years mailing in IT users capita (current private (US$) US$) sector 2004 28,872,028 * 3,276,790 3,481 75,489,440,362 2005 33,921,776 4,680,926 4,572 98,913,392,472 2006 29,881,843 5,352,496 5,681 122,641,508,768 2007 71,275,421 6,125,503 7,856 169,282,491,900 2008 52,921,364 6,999,330 9,300 200,071,062,765 2009 68,529,578 7,882,622 7,500 161,110,320,401 2010 83,556,004 8,578,484 7,538 161,623,662,681 Source: ANCOM (National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communication), World DataBank, http://databank.
The new telecom regulator ANCOM is in the process of applying the European Commission (EC) telecom reform package, adopted in November 2009, to Romanian law: It has implemented the EU 900Mhz Directive to facilitate spectrum re-farming, launched public consultation on the Internet as a Universal service subject and lowered number portability fees.
Information from ANCOM shows that at the end of 2012, there were approximately 6 million subscribers to TV services, 5 percent more than in the previous year.
ANCOM has opened a virtual museum of electronic equipment communications reports Radio Romania International.
The instrument must be constituted ANCOM irrevocably in favor of a banking company or an insurance company and must be presented in original, according to Annex no.
The Romanian telecom watchdog ANCOM announced that the technical project for making the online application that will make it possible for users to compare tariffs for mobile telephony, fixed telephony and broadband services is finalized.
Supply, delivery, installation, putting into operation, testing, training, maintenance and warranty services of emergency intervention vehicles and equipment and supply: one emergency vehicle with high debit moto-pump, one emergency vehicle with telescopic basket, one emergency vehicle with water tank, one buldo-excavator, 5 large capacity tents and 5 inflatable boats; installation, putting into operation, testing, training, maintenance and warranty services of an Alert system for emergency situations, including the elaboration and approval by the competent entities of a Technical Project in order or obtain the radio frequency license from ANCOM (Autoritatea Na?
Total quantity or scope: The acquisition of the following services: perform measurements for evaluating the quality of the objectives of the circulation time of posting letters sent from the intra-European entry in CN responsibility Romanian Post and until delivery to the addressee; perform measurements for evaluating the quality of objectives stipulated in Decision No ANCOM.