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ANDAccess Network Design
ANDAllow Natural Death (medical charts)
ANDAndorra (International Auto Identifier)
ANDAlpha Numeric Display (aviation)
ANDAircraft Nose Down
ANDAnalytics for Noisy Unstructured Text Data (Workshop)
ANDAid to the Needy Disabled (SSI)
ANDAssociation for the Neurologically Disabled of Canada
ANDActive Nutation Damping
ANDAutomatic Network Dialing
ANDAsiatic Newcastle Disease
ANDActive Network Diagram
ANDAlgorithmique Numérique Distribuée (French: Distributed Numerical Algorithms)
ANDAssociate Administrator for NAS (National Air Space) Development (FAA)
AND[not an acronym] logical operation where the output is high only if all inputs are high (electrical engineering)
ANDArgument Number Decrease
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Pizer added, "Several other large leasing transactions are in the offing, and we expect that they will become signed deals in the very near future.
Eight months before it happened, she foresaw the defeat of the Spanish Armada and after that event did occur she predicted a string of spiralling calamities that would destroy the Empire, sparing only the select few who joined her band in an apocalyptic rebirth in specially outfitted caves near Toledo.
A program is installed on a host computer that allows a user to selectively go and download a patient record to a notebook computer," explains Jim Ingalls, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CARE.
One of the reasons I wrote my book, Advice for Dancers, was to help as many dancers as possible, because it's impossible to answer the countless letters I receive from Dance Magazine--even though I read each and every one
The bricklayer charges me the GST on the bricks and labor.
Many renowned brands such as NEC, Toshiba, Panasonic and Mitsubishi had entered the Chinese handset market but failed to establish themselves.
It''s only gone from strength to strength since it was moved from its familiar place on Sunday mornings and landed plum spot in the schedules.
We all had a good time, the place where it was held was smashing, and I'd just like to congratulate Nathan and Lauren ands wish them all the best for the future.
The 15-member body "welcomed the reaffirmation of the long-term partnership between Afghanistan and the international community, the aim of which is to give the people of Afghanistan a better future, including in terms of security, prosperity and human rights.
I got a lot of juice and that fight ain't going to happen,'' Floyd Sr.
They used to be at Concert Street, and made flavouring and colours for food, also syrup ands quash drinks, they also exported some of them.
LogicaCMG (LSE: LOG), in partnership with AND a leading provider of location, routing, mapping and address management technologies, has created a new solution to settle business travel reimbursement claims.