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ANDENAsociación Nacional de Educadores de Nicaragua (Spanish: National Association of Educators of Nicaragua)
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3) forskellen mellem indfrielsesvilkarene for udstedte realkreditobligationer og andre vaerdipapirer pa den ene side og pantebreve og finansielle instrumenter pa den anden side.
Top of the morning to you," Kyle Anden Dreke said, as he opened the front door of the Eugene home of Roy's sister, Cathy Spoor, and handed his stunned and startled birth mother a bouquet of roses.
Parts of the latter section are faded, but most can be read with a little effort; it can be examined in facsimile on the DVD Gauguin Ecrivain (Noa Nea, Diverses Choses, Anden Culte Mahotie), Reunion des Musees Nationaux, Paris, 2003.
In a previous age here in Spain, the terminology of railway engineering came mainly from English, for instance, tren and wagon, while the language describing aspects of the service to passengers tended to be in Spanish, like anden and via.
I den anden behandlingsperiode blev 488 patienter givet Zelnorm mens 495 patienter modtog placebo (ratio pEN 1:1).
Huercos cabrones, no anden matando a los pajaritos o le voy hablar a la policia
Box 745, Anden, NC 28704; 828-684-444; info@snowflame.
The exhibition also included photographic documentation of the action Anden (Sidewalk), 1999: In the Colombian drug center of Cali, Margolles had over a hundred feet of sidewalk ripped out.
Dennis McNeal is Madidi's sous chef, and Anden Hamilton, famous for creations such as macadamia nut tart with a toasted cocoanut crust and served with mango coulis, is the pastry chef.
The first two Swedish women to practice law were Eva Anden and Mathilda Stael von Holsteen; by the 1930s about fifty other women had followed their lead.
Within the wider context of reduced spending on education, the main feature of Chamorro's program was curriculum revision and an offensive against the Sandinista-led teachers' union, ANDEN.