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ANDIAsociación Nacional de Industriales (National Association of Industrialists, Colombia)
ANDIAssociazione Nazionale Dentisti Italiani (Italian: Italian National Association of Dentists)
ANDIAutism Network for Dietary Intervention
ANDIAmerican Nitrox Divers International (est. 1988; various locations)
ANDIAnalytical Data Interchange
ANDIAstro Nuclear/Dynamics Inc. (now Clark Dynamic Test Laboratory, Inc.)
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AOS points out that the fingerprints collected using ANDI OTG can be used interoperably with fingerprint enrollments extracted from contact devices.
Because ANDI OTG does not collect all ten fingerprints required for Appendix F, ANDI OTG received PIV certification.
Newsreader Elena Skordelli, 42, is said to have hired a hitman to blast Andis Hadjicostis to death after he sacked her.
Prosecutors say she wanted revenge, and was also plotting to seize control of the TV station Andis ran.
According to Richards, Andis is getting the product's message out by "hitting regional TV markets.
Andis is distributing the Power Razor and Trimmer in several channels of distribution, with a concentration on grocery stores.
Andis opened for business in the basement of the home of its founder, Matthew G.
DUNDEE UNITED gaffer Peter Houston wants to turn striker Andis Shala into the new Paul Hegarty.
The Andis Hang-Up 1600 with Night Light features a night light that lasts the life of the dryer and never needs a bulb change.
It comes equipped with the Andis Lifeline shock-protection plug and is backed by the company's five-year limited warranty.
has announced the appointment of Randy Andis to the position of Director of Sales and Service for heavy-duty fleet customers.
Both NBS smart card personalization system and Bell ID's ANDiS EMV data preparation and card management system for multiple applications are using Eracom's ProtectServer family HSMs to provide core cryptographic and key management services.