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ANELAssociation Nationale des Editeurs de Livres (French: National Association of Publishers of Books; Canada)
ANELAnna Elena (Mexican actress)
ANELAssociação Nacional das Empresas Lutuosas (Portugal)
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Kyprianou gave an example of how the exchange of knowledge and best practices had led to the idea behind a project ANEL is currently working on.
Thanos Veremis, an emeritus professor of history at Athens University, told the paper that it's hard to be an optimist bearing in mind the nationalist rhetoric is what defines ANEL among its voters.
Yanis Varoufakis holds a crucial role as the new finance minister and leader of the ANEL will serve as the new defense minister in the new cabinet.
The coalition with ANEL has been described as peculiar, as the two parties are mainly united by their opposition to the EU-IMF bailout but share little common ground beyond that.
By Avoyan's data, ANEL will launch activity in May 2013 based on the State Engineering University of Armenia.