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ANERAssociazione Naturista Emiliano Romagnola (Italian: Naturist Association of Emiliano Romagnolo)
ANERAuto Negotiation Expansion Register
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uk/) focuses on Sniffing Dogs training for offensive and defensive counter terrorist search, serves as an excellent complement to our existing group of partners," said Gadi Aner, CEO of Acro Inc.
This is the first opportunity for UK's homeland security officials and experts to closely examine this revolutionary solution," added Aner.
Aner Ravon joined MessageVine from Followap, a provider of IMPS solutions, where he served as Director of Business Development.
not quite divine" tension is neither the "mortal man" in the Homeric sense, nor an immortal god, but "a new kind of man," that Plato calls the daimonios aner, which Voegelin translates as a "spiritual man," the man who dwells fully in the metaxy as he is filled with divine presence.
of my most important mentors was Aner Candelario, whom I met when we
The annunciation of the birth of a holy man or woman by an angel or an otherwise heavenly messenger is a common topos in early Christian literature, patterned after those annunciations of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, (77) and well in line with the literary traditions of the birth and early childhood of the theios aner, the divine Human Being.
THE WIFE Barking mad: Angela hit out aner discovering hubby's dog-walk tryst' THE VICTIM Pooch comes to shove: Fiona was knocked to the ground by Angela' Love rat: Stevie Rodger
Generally, it should belong to the group of so-called nordische Streitbeile by Ekkehard Aner (1962, 180 ff, figs.
50) Panikkar insists in using "Man" for human being, and prefers the Greek aner (male) rather than anthropos (human), opting for traditional terminology and stating that this does not mean to fall into sexism.
Human reality is so closely identified with the masculine that even the basic moral concept, that of virtue, is masculine in the classical languages: arete (goodness, excellence) is derived from aner, a man, as opposed to woman: and the Latin virtus (virtue, worth, moral perfection) comes from vir.
The word andragogy is based on the Greek word aner meaning man and is defined as "the art and science of helping adults learn.
The Greek language has a word for a male human being -- aner.