ANFAVEAAssociação Nacional dos Fabricantes de Veículos Automotores (National Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers; Brazil)
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This agreement is very important for our country, and we stated the need to maintain this accord," said ANFAVEA president Cledorvino Belini following a meeting with Nelson Barbosa, an official with the Ministerio da Fazenda.
Interest rates (now down to a record low of 8 percent) will continue to decline, and credit will continue to expand," ANFAVEA president Cledorvino Belini said Monday.
According to the ANFAVEA (National Association of Automotive Manufacturers in Brazil) the automotive industry in Brazil is seeing record growth, 30 percent in January and February 2008, compared with same period in 2007," states Celso Pereira Tome Rosa, Infor sales vice president, Brazil.
Over the first six months of this year 589,000 flex fuel cars were produced, while only 438,000 gasoline cars were produced, ANFAVEA indicated.