ANHRIArabic Network for Human Rights Information
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The published work of Al-Aswany has been widely celebrated, so it is a shame that the Egyptian government is trying to prevent him from writing and organising discussions," said Gamal Eid, the head of ANHRI.
Explaining the perturbing dimensions of the attack which it said was part of a "systematic campaign" against civil society organizations, ANHRI averred: "(President Hosni) Mubarak's regime did not dare to undertake such practices prior to the uprising.
ANHRI reminds the Yemeni authorities of their obligations towards international conventions following their participation in a 2006 donor conference for states adopting democracy.
This shows how political criticism can represent an obstacle to the realisation of academic freedoms and scientific development," ANHRI stated.
ANHRI also supports the Egyptian-Tunisian campaign to release detained activists.
According to ANHRI, there is a list of 60 journalists who are imprisoned in the Egyptian jails since August 2013, under various charged, such as publishing crimes, belonging to a banned group, or protesting.
The Ministry of Interior's refusal to take him to court sessions obstructs the trial process, and violates all constitutional guarantees of defendants' rights," ANHRI argued.
ANHRI considered the incident a breach of Articles 70, 71 and 72 of the Egyptian constitution, which guarantee press freedom, and demanded halting the continuous violations of constitutional principles.
ANHRI issued a lengthy report on pre-trial detentions in Egypt over the past two years.
According to ANHRI, security forces confiscated his laptop, cell phone and the cell phones of his family members, which they believe are linked to his reporting.
Our statistics rely on the observation and documentation of events by the Lawyers for Democracy team during their fieldwork, therefore the numbers mentioned in it are modest figures," said Karim Abdelrady, head of Research Unit at ANHRI.
ANHRI is dedicated to gathering information about human rights abuses throughout the Middle East and North Africa.